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Spider Solitaire

  • Sunset Solitaire
    Sunset Solitaire
    Work yourself through the pyramid of cards by forming pairs of the same kind. You get three rounds to flip the card deck in the bottom, when you don't clear the tower ...
    Played 2 times
  • Arkadium Spider Solitaire 2
    Arkadium Spider Solitaire 2
    Some people call this the master of the Solitaire games. Arkadium has met up to the expectations, so this renewed version is an absolute must play. Again it comes ...
    Played 3 times
  • Classic Solitaire
    Classic Solitaire
    Classic Solitaire is the basic version of the game we've all come to know. Spend your time trying to find the right combination of cards to get all the cards from the ...
    Played 2 times
  • Arkadium Spider Solitaire
    Arkadium Spider Solitaire
    Brilliant version that really offers all there is to get in the world of Spider Solitaire. Play the game in different suit modes to make it easy on yourself or just ...
    Played 4 times
  • Pyramid Solitaire
    Pyramid Solitaire
    Use your brains even more with this variant of Solitaire. The aim is to combine all of the cards together that form 13 points in total. Are you able to empy all the ...
    Played 1 times
  • Ronin Solitaire
    Ronin Solitaire
    In Ronin solitaire the goal is to arrange all the cards in the deck in ascending order, however you must alternate the colors. In this version of solitaire you will ...
    Played 1 times
  • Free Solitaire
    Free Solitaire
    In Free Solitaire you make use of all the free slots you have at hand, and puzzle the cards around. The final goal is to get all of the cards onto the foundations you ...
    Played 1 times
  • Tri Tower Solitaire
    Tri Tower Solitaire
    Play your way through the towers, by creating sequences of cards. Empty all the towers on the playfield to unlock the magic secret castle that lies beneath them. ...
    Played 4 times
  • Golf Solitaire
    Golf Solitaire
    Nice and addictive flash version of the Card Solitaire game as you know it. Click the cards in the right sequence and clear the tower. Try to clear the tower within ...
    Played 2 times

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This famous card game has been around for quite a while now and has many fans around the world; especially female casual gamers love it. The Content Management team from understands the popularity of this game and in return has dedicated a complete section to it. You can find many different versions of the solitaire card game here, from the classic version of the game to the popular pyramid version. Check the Wikipedia Spider Solitaire page for more indepth info on the game.

Like our Solitaire games? Do not hesitate to share them with your friends, which you can do through Facebook on the specific game page. We also offer other great card games on this website, besides Solitaire. Through the menu in the top you can for example access our global card game section. You can also try one of our other braincrackers on the site. makes you think!

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