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  • Kot Word Search
    Can you find the words among all the letters? This fun word search lets you choose from 4 different categories of words to start the search. Challenge your mind now!

    Played 1x times
  • Fowl Words
    Don't let the words beat you, you must conquer them over! Find all the hidden words before you run out of time! Be quick and sharp and you'll conquer the enemy.
    Played 2x times
  • Mystery Case - The Lost Child
    You will have to work really hard and find many hidden clues in order to find the poor kidnapped child. With your smarts and a bit of hard work you'll be able to find ...
    Played 1x times
  • Hex Lines
    Classic game that still excites a multitude of players. Move the marbles round the board to form lines of 5 or more similar colored.
    Played 1x times
  • Know Thyself
    According to several religions your soul holds great secrects. Get to know thyself by answering these 7 important questions of truth! Unlock the great secrets that ...
    Played 1x times
  • Fill in the Blanks: Classic Sitcoms
    Don't you just love watching those old sitcoms over and over again? In that case you really must like this quiz. Hear a part of the themesong and guess the correct ...
    Played 1x times
  • Azuana Bingo 2
    Play a game of multiplayer Bingo in this great game! Watch the numbers that are called and mark them on your card. Fill the blue highlighted pattern and call out Bingo!
    Played 3x times
  • UNO Card Game
    Try to trick your opponent into receiving extra cards, skip a turn or just change the color before it is his turn. All this trickery will make sure you will win UNO ...
    Played 1x times
  • Spades
    This game can be considered a real mind game! It is been played with two partners. Do your math and see how many points you will be able to squeeze out of the 13 ...
    Played 4x times
  • Gin Rummy
    Have you ever played a game of Gin Rummy? You did not, but want to learn? This game is really suitable to learn the basics to a beginner and has some handy intuitive ...
    Played 1x times
  • The Lost World
    Shoot your way through all of the puzzles in this ancient world. Clear all the levels on the map and collect those coins the same time. Be fast, when the coins touch ...
    Played 2x times
  • Furniture Catapult
    Done with your old furniture and want new? Try deliver the furniture with this nice catapult! Aim as close to the indicated spot as possible.
    Played 1x times
  • Blackjack 2000
    Decided to go to the casino with your friends? Take a practice with this nice blackjack game. Place your bets on the table and make sure that you beat that nasty ...
    Played 2x times
  • Crystal Balls China
    Watch the ball moving across the playing field and click when you want to drop it. The ball travels along the field from side to side. When the ball is back at the ...
    Played 1x times
  • Sunny Park Solitaire
    This version of the popular game, Sunny Park Solitaire, you have to move all the cards from onto the playing board. You can move two cards of the same type and if you ...
    Played 1x times
  • Solitaire 2 Mobile
    Solitaire 2 Mobile is similar to the classic Klondike version of the game. Your goal is to move all the card from the deck or stacks onto the main playing area.
    Played 1x times
  • Classic Solitaire
    Classic Solitaire is the basic version of the game we've all come to know. Spend your time trying to find the right combination of cards to get all the cards from the ...
    Played 2x times
  • Cupid tripeaks
    Tripeaks is a classic card game where you must continually choose cards that are 1 higher or lower than the current card. In this particular version of the game there ...
    Played 1x times
  • Word Chaos
    In Word Chaos you must complete as many words as possible from the given set of letters. Can you make lots of words and beat the records?
    Played 3x times
  • Typo Mania
    How fast can you work your keyboard to bust out the falling words on your screen. Test your accuracy, speed and race against time to achieve complete ...
    Played 1x times
  • Making Words
    Combine the letters on the screen to form words of at least 4 letters. Build longer words to gain more points.
    Played 1x times
  • Word Spin
    Can you pay attention while the world goes round and round? Try to find the hidden words as the puzzle flips and turns. Find the words and win!
    Played 1x times

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