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Solve The Great Hidden Object Games Mysteries On


Hidden Object Games

Hidden Object Games

  • Beauty Gardens
    Beauty Gardens
    Get to work detective! Your excellent observation skills are this time required in the garden of hidden things. Be sharp and quick, because you have just 3 ...
    Played 5 times
  • Find the Objects
    Find the Objects
    This game is definitely for the person with a sharp eye! You have lost some objects, which are scattered around the room. Retrieve the objects that have ...
    Played 4 times
  • The Mysterious Hotel
    The Mysterious Hotel
    This game offers you a variety of different challenges to beat. You can find objects which are hidden, find the differences between pictures and solve ...
    Played 4 times
  • Voodoo Chronicles
    Voodoo Chronicles
    Solve the impossible, but exciting mysteries together with the super detective James Voodoo!
    Played 4 times
  • Haunted House
    Haunted House
    This game takes place in a very spooky and haunted mansion. Take out your magnifying glass to spot all of the objects, which only appear when you have the ...
    Played 3 times
  • Wonderland HO
    Wonderland HO
    Wonderland is a place that holds many objects whiche are hidden in the surroundings. Travel through the lands and recover all the hidden things you need to ...
    Played 2 times
  • Hidden Diamonds 3
    Hidden Diamonds 3
    Make your way through the rooms in the house, while you are looking for those hidden diamonds. Each room in the house will contain 5 of them in total. Use ...
    Played 2 times
  • The Scruffs
    The Scruffs
    Are you a fan of finding objects which are hidden? If so, The Scruffs will be a great game with lots of adventure that will keep you on your toes. You must ...
    Played 2 times
  • Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes
    Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes has captivated the minds of millions of people. Now it's your chance to help Sherlock solve the mysteries on 211B Baker Street. Can you find ...
    Played 2 times
  • Beach Day Hidden Numbers
    Beach Day Hidden Numbers
    Use your observation skills on this nice sunny day at the beach. Can you spot all the hidden numbers with your magnifying glass?
    Played 2 times
  • Zoo Break Out
    Zoo Break Out
    Help! All of the animals have just escaped from the Zoo... We can really use some experienced help to get them back. Will you be the person that finds all ...
    Played 2 times
  • Photo Frenzy
    Photo Frenzy
    Do you have the sharpest eye on the planet? Spot the differences in this game, be the fastest to win!
    Played 2 times
  • Juathuur: Gatecrash
    Juathuur: Gatecrash
    Are you a comic book fan and have a keen eye for details? If so, Juathuur is the game for you. You will traverse through a comic book as you look for ...
    Played 1 times
  • Hidden Pumpkins Market
    Hidden Pumpkins Market
    The life of a Greengrocer is not always as easy. Try to find those pumpkins when you need them in that large pile of fruits. Just to upgrade the stresslevel ...
    Played 1 times
  • Personal Shopper 4
    Personal Shopper 4
    Macy really loves to shop! Can you help her pick the best clothes and fill in the requests? If you love to shop then this game is definitely for you!
    Played 1 times
  • Personal Shopper 3
    Personal Shopper 3
    The Henry family really needs your help. Can you do all their shopping for them? It will be a lot of work, but with your fashion sense and smarts you can do ...
    Played 1 times
  • Mystery Case - The Lost Child
    Mystery Case - The Lost Child
    You will have to work really hard and find many hidden clues in order to find the poor kidnapped child. With your smarts and a bit of hard work you'll be ...
    Played 1 times

Solve Mysteries and Find Clues on

Also here at we can't deny the popularity of these hidden object games anymore! Packed with mysteries and riddles these games have you get the most out of your observation skills. Another element that can be considered essential when training your brain to keep it fit. As the place for games that make you think we try to offer you a great selection of object recovering action. When you feel like a game is missing here, please let us know through the contact link located at the bottom of the screen.

Some of the beginning players might need some additional support and know-how on hidden object games. Visit the dedicated Wikipedia page to get some additional information that can help. Also a search in Google could help you finding that valuable information.

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