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  • Flower Shop Fortune
    In this game you have to make money by running your flower shop in the best possible way! Keep the customers satisfied by bringing them the correct orders.
    Played 15x times
  • Free Mahjong
    Starting a game of this classic puzzler was never easier! Just click and start playing. Clear the full tower of stones to win the game. This classic game is fully ...
    Played 13x times
  • Alchemy
    A funky version of the classic game.
    Played 8x times
  • Blow Up
    Think you've mastered these games and there is nothing out there for you to prove? Well, you are wrong. This new version of the game has tons of new features that ...
    Played 6x times
  • Minesweeper Rodent
    Wow, are you the lucky one now! In this minesweeper variant the rodent is blown up instead of you. Even more tempting to make a mistake?
    Played 6x times
  • Beauty Gardens
    Get to work detective! Your excellent observation skills are this time required in the garden of hidden things. Be sharp and quick, because you have just 3 minutes to ...
    Played 5x times
  • Blockmover
    Click click click. That's what you will have to do, and very quickly if you want to beat the Block mover. Click on groups of 3 or more blocks of the same color to ...
    Played 5x times
  • Ball Shooter 2
    Use your tank and your shooting skills to clear all the colored bubbles in the level. Utilize the magic ball to change your shooting position.
    Played 5x times
  • Montezuma 2
    Classic bejeweled action with Montezuma 2! Clear all the special gems from the screen, before time is up. Make big combos for big bonusses. Play more levels than you ...
    Played 5x times
  • Find the Objects
    This game is definitely for the person with a sharp eye! You have lost some objects, which are scattered around the room. Retrieve the objects that have been lost and ...
    Played 4x times
  • Triple Mahjong
    The developers of this game have put a new challenge to the table. Where you only used to combine 2 stones, you now have to play by pairs of 3!
    Played 4x times
  • Rome Puzzle
    It is your mission to collect the treasures needed to build the ancient city of Rome. Collect all of the resources you require through this great jewels puzzle. Build ...
    Played 4x times
  • MahJong Connect
    This game originated from Ancient China and quickly spread to the Western world. This latest incarnation of the game, Connect, does not disappoint.
    Played 4x times
  • Pet Connect
    Do you like cute animals and have a sharp mind? Then this game is for you. Match the identical animals and remove them from the playing field.
    Played 4x times
  • The Mysterious Hotel
    This game offers you a variety of different challenges to beat. You can find objects which are hidden, find the differences between pictures and solve various ...
    Played 4x times
  • The Beauty Quiz
    Which woman does not have a most favorite beauty product she likes to use very much. Take the test to see if it can unlock your greatest must-have product in the ...
    Played 4x times
  • Mind Feed
    This is probably the weirdest test on the planet. It even has its own opinion? Give your answers on the test and get some spicy feedback from the test itself.
    Played 4x times
  • Tri Tower Solitaire
    Play your way through the towers, by creating sequences of cards. Empty all the towers on the playfield to unlock the magic secret castle that lies beneath them. ...
    Played 4x times
  • Spades
    This game can be considered a real mind game! It is been played with two partners. Do your math and see how many points you will be able to squeeze out of the 13 ...
    Played 4x times
  • Ade Hearts
    Try to get as least points as possible in Ade Hearts. Use your card tactics and make sure all of the points in the game get spread over your opponents. Don't receive ...
    Played 4x times
  • Arkadium Spider Solitaire
    Brilliant version that really offers all there is to get in the world of Spider Solitaire. Play the game in different suit modes to make it easy on yourself or just ...
    Played 4x times
  • Angry Birds Online
    The game hit Angry Birds has made it to an online flash game! Defeat your arch enemy the pigs by taking their structures with your angry birds. This cool and popular ...
    Played 4x times

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